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  • Honeywell SRS31 Dual Channel Safety Relay Module
    Honeywell SRS31 Dual Channel Safety Relay Module
    The SRS31 dual channel emergency stop modules are
    designed for use in emergency stop circuits when danger to
    personnel or machinery is present.

    The SRS31 safety control module monitors the outputs of
    safety devices (e.g. emergency stop push-buttons, light
    curtains, mats, switches, etc.). If the safety device is
    actuated, the emergency stop condition is relayed via the
    safety contacts of the safety control module to the machine
    control circuitry to stop the hazard and to remove power.

    The SRS31 helps to create a control reliable safety solution
    by providing redundancy and self-checking circuitry. This
    device offers two channel inputs and two internal safety
    relay outputs with positive-guided contacts. This ensures
    redundancy in its in- and outputs. The slim housing width
    allows this safety control module to fit into every cabinet or
    even helps to reduce the overall cabinet size. Other
    features include high current capability, an automatic start
    and manual start mode, cross fault monitoring and external
    relays monitoring.

    • Output: 3 NO, 1 NC
    • Single and 2-channel operation
    • Line fault detection on Start-button
    • Manual restart or automatic restart, switch S2
    • With or without cross fault monitoring in the E-stop loop, switch S1
    • LED indicates power and the states of both internal relays

    • Emergency-stop circuits on machines
    • Door protection
    • Conveyors/transfer lines
    • Monitoring of safety devices like:
    - emergency stop push-buttons
    - safety light curtains
    - safety switches
    - safety mats
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