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    Honeywell MICRO SWITCH™ TL Series toggle switches have high strength, temperature resistant, non-tracking case material and silver cadmium oxide contacts. Pull-to-Unlock toggle levers prevent accidental operation; the lever must be pulled approx. 2,3 mm (0.09 inches) to change positions.

    • Ampere/Voltage Range (Resistive Load): 0.75 A at 115 Vdc|0.5 A to 7.5 A at 0.5 Vdc to 28 Vdc|0.5 A to 6 A at 0.5 Vac to 230 Vac|0.5 A at 250 Vdc.
    • DPDT
    • MIL Spec. Number MS27785-23
    • Price: $249.00
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